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Supply and installation of SA’s most popular fencing for home and commercial. Clear View also is known as Clear View Fencing is Tamper Proof and Anti-Climb.
Approved for home and commercial

The best perimeter protection

Clear View fencing is fast becoming the leading choice in the fencing industry, overtaking its competitors in palisade fencing. 

Its unique features make it the number one choice when deciding to secure any perimeter. From its rigid design to the excellent visibility it provides many people are turning to ClearView as their popular choice in fencing. 

Why choose Clear View fencing?

Clear View fencing uses the latest in fencing technology to provide you with a complete and cost-effective way to secure any perimeter. Because of its unique design and product features it is often known as anti-climb and anti-cut fencing.
The use of Clear View fencing extends from securing your perimeter to functional use in your home or business such as pool or yard fencing, dividers and more.

Match your colours

Clearview Fencing Pros hosts a wide range of options to choose from including height, colour and finish, to ensure your fencing not only provides the desired security benefits but also compliments our home design.

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Rayton | Bainsvlei | Bayswater | Brandwag | Fichardt Park | Langenhovenpark | Universitas | Westdene | Bloemfontein Central | Glen

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Why choose Clear View fencing?

Not only is the fencing difficult to climb it is also difficult to cut, making Clear View fencing a safe choice when securing your perimeter.


Clear View fencings’ secure design and tamper-proof craftsmanship provide the safety you require from perimeter fencing. It is uniquely designed to prevent a decent grip when trying to climb the fence, thereby limiting the access of intruders through fence climbing. An addition of spikes is available to increase security. In addition to the design, Clear View fencing has been made with your security in mind, making the use of bolt cutters to cut the fencing impossible.  

Customised Design

Clear View fencing can be tailored to your individual needs while maintaining the structural integrity of our product. We offer a range of variations including height options, colour preferences and finish, to complement your property. 

Home Installation

Clear View fencing makes the perfect addition to your home. It is designed for functionality and aesthetics, making this the perfect choice for your home. With the range of colour and finish offered, you are sure to find one that suits your home. Clear View fencing is not just perimeter fencing and can be used for pool fencing or land partitioning.

Commercial Installation

Clear view fencing is the popular choice when securing the perimeter of your business. Clear View fencing's unique design ensures maximum security to your building, because of the anti-cut, anti-climb and enhanced security barrier that ensures maximum visibility for security cameras.

Your fencing can be customised in height and appearance to ensure you get the maximum security benefit at an affordable price.

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