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Clearview Fencing Prices

Looking to upgrade your perimeter fencing? Clearview fencing, also know as Clearview, has many benefits and offers maximum security for your home or business.

For high quality, Clearview fencing, the average price is R750 to R1800+ per metre excluding installation, depending on the materials used, the height of fence, extras and level of security. 

Below is a useful guide to the price of Clearview fencing:

Average Clearview Fencing Prices per Metre  

Low Security75mm – 50mm aperturesFrom R750 per metre
Medium Security75mm – 25mm aperturesFrom R1150 per metre
High Security75mm – 12.7mm aperturesFrom R1300 per metre

Clearview Fence Price Range

The clearview fencing prices below are starting from for the galvanized version, the PVC coated version comes in different colours but is about 20-30% more expensive. The prices exclude installation and vat. 

Econo Range 100mm * 50mm Aperture

  • 1.2m – R720excl shark-teeth spikes top
  • 1.8m – R780 excl shark-teeth spikes top
  • 1.8m – R820 with shark-teeth spikes top
  • 2.0m – R845 excl shark-teeth spikes top
  • 2.0m – R920 with shark-teeth spikes top
  • 2.4m – R920 excl shark-teeth spikes top
  • 2.4m – R960 with shark-teeth spikes top

Anti-climb 75mm * 12.5mm Aperture

  • 1.2m – R820 excl shark-teeth spikes top
  • 1.8m – R960 excl shark-teeth spikes top
  • 1.8m – R1100 with shark-teeth spikes top
  • 2.0m – R1020 excl shark-teeth spikes top
  • 2.0m – R1100 with shark-teeth spikes top
  • 2.4m – R1150 excl shark-teeth spikes top
  • 2.4m – R1320 with shark-teeth spikes top

What Determines the Price of Clearview Fencing?

The cost of Clearview is determined by the following factors:

  • Height of Clearview fencing
  • Materials used
  • Clearview fencing length
  • Clearview fencing extras such as spikes on top
  • Level of Clearview fencing security 

Clearview Fencing Height

Generally, the higher your Clearview fence, the higher the cost as it involves more materials and additional labour. 

Materials used  

Clearview fencing offers you many different options. You can opt for a PVC coating, galvanised or standard finish in a range of colours

PVC and galvanised coatings offer additional durability and security, but are slightly more expensive. 

Clearview Fencing Length

Similar to the fencing height, the length of your Clearview fence will determine the overall cost as it is priced per metre. 

The cost per metre ranges from R1000 to R1300, dependingon the kind of fencing chosen. 

Clearview Fencing Extras

For added security and peace of mind, you can choose additional accessories for your Clearview fencing. These include: 

  • Security spikes
  • Electric fencing with alarm
  • Gates (for cars or pedestrians)
  • CCTV cameras
  • Anti-tamper screws
  • Tamper-proof fence clamps

Clearview fencing level of security

The apertures in your Clearview fencing determine the level of security. Smaller apertures make it more difficult for intruders to breach the fence and are more costly. 

What are the Benefits of Clearview Fencing?

There are many benefits to Clearview fencing that make it superior to regular palisade or concrete walling:

  • Anti-climb design
  • Impossible to cut or vandalise
  • Excellent transparent surveillance 
  • Discreet and attractive
  • Cost-effective
  • Low maintenance 
  • Highly durable 
  • Many options and colours available
  • Rust-resistant
  • Option for additional security extras
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